Alpaca and Llama Insurance

We are the leading insurance agent for llama and alpaca insurance.  We represent several of the top companies worldwide, enabling us to offer you the best possible protection at the lowest possible rates.

We also raise alpacas and llamas, so we can better understand your needs.  It is an exciting industry to be part of.

Insurance coverage offered for alpacas and llamas includes:

  1. full mortality and theft, our basic coverage

  2. infertility coverage for your breeding males

  3. named peril  which is less expensive coverage but is limited to specific perils only.


Instructions: This form can be filled out on your computer. Place your mouse in each field and type. Use the mouse or the Tab key to move to the next field. Once all the forms are filled out, print and sign the completed form. Mail it to our office with your payment or payment preference checked on the form. Mail to:

                            Wilkins Livestock Insurers Inc.
                            830 G Street
                            Geneva, NE 68361

Insuring Your Animal

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