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High Quality Coverage for Alpacas, Llamas, and Horses

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Major Medical (horses)
Loss of Use

Full Mortality & Theft
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Liability to cover shows

Representing several of the World’s top carriers, Wilkins’ Livestock Insurers can cover:

  1. No vet exam needed on standard aged horses $25,000 or less in value.

Are you organizing a show?   
We can insure your show or event, covering it for the liability limits you need. Our "Show Liability Coverage" is the best in the Nation.  Give us a call for a quick quote.

Insure your entire “family”?   
Veterinary assistance for your pet is expensive - we can help you plan ahead. Be ready in case of injury, sickness, or even routine peace-of-mind examinations.

Email us with questions: bob@wilkinslivestock.com

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